Unearthing the Past

The Continued Search

Several hours of rest was just what the party ordered, allowing them to collect themselves and bandage their wounds. However during this time Uthad and Niene decided to attempt to return to the monument room that contained the poem and attempt to make a quick transcription. While there they also decided it would be prudent to check the listening chamber and see if they could identify any more threats they may encounter. Most of the ruins were deathly silent, though in a few rooms they were able to hear various things. In one room north of the rest of the party they heard what sounded like children sobbing and quickly marked that location as the next to check. They also were able to hear the sound of a group of kobolds down the hall, but listening for some time Niene was able to figure out that it appeared that the group was unhappy with their leader and a religious leader of sorts in the small band was preaching of the error of their ways. With any luck they might be able to get past this party without too much trouble.

After returning to the rest of the group, the party began collecting their gear and preparing to continue the search the group noticed a eerie green glow that seemed to be coming from just down the hall and growing stronger. As the party watched the form of a armor clad dwarf floated into the room, casting a bright green light all about it. As the party watched, the form moved to each of the corpses of the kobolds in the room and appeared to destroy them in some way. The undead being an affront to his god, Uthad attempted to turn the creature, but with no effect. Unsure of the reason for the failure, the party decided to attack. Once in combat they quickly realized that rather than the undead form of a fallen dwarf, they were fighting a gelatinous cube that contained the armor of a fallen warrior. After defeating the creature the party was able to clean the warriors gear up and collect it. Included in which was a stone affixed the the head of an axe, which produced light as strong as that of a torch.

The party quickly moved north into the room where Uthad and Niene heard what sounded like children crying. As they opened the heavy stone doors they realized there were in some sort of an ossuary. Lining the walls were several burial platforms that held the bodies of just over twenty fallen dwarven warriors. As the party moved forward the skeletons arose and began shambling toward the intruders. Calling upon the power of his god, Uthad clutched his holy symbol and cried out for Pelor to strike down these abominations. Just as he finished uttering his prayer the holy symbol burst forth with a bright light and each of the undead creatures was consumed by a fire as bright as the sun. When it all ended the corpses were nothing more than dust and the rest of the party was in shock of what just happened. At the end of the hall the children that were hiding also seemed to be in shock as their crying stopped and they peered around the corners of the altar they were hiding behind. Mikra and Savram had run into this room to escape the kobolds and in the process one had been struck by on of the undead on the arm, but nothing that couldn’t be easily addressed.

Moving on with two new companions, the party moved east down the corridor. Turning north at a fork the party stumbled into what appears to have once served as an abattoir, though at this time it served as a feasting ground for a group of zombies. A quick inspection of these creatures identifies them as several of the former monks of the temple above them. They also seem to be covered in growths of some sort of mold. Calling upon his god again, Uthad once again attempts to turn the creatures in the room. Though not as successful as last time, many of the creatures are greatly harmed and easily finished off by the party.

Continuing into the room where the kobold group was overheard, the party found a group of five kobold warriors lead by a mystic who called himself Kerrdremak. Aware of the discontent of this group of kobolds, and with a little help from Edgrin Galesong and his bardic abilities, the party was able to convince the kobolds to leave without so much as a fight.

To the north the party found an old well that had been turned into something of an elevator by the kobolds. After dispatching the guards, an inspection of the lift found that if they put too much weight (close to 600lbs) on it then it would collapse, but if they were careful they might be able to use this as a means of getting to the lower levels quickly. Continuing on from this room the party moved into a series of collapsed tunnels that were choked with smoke but seemed to lead to the source of incessant hammering they had heard earlier. As they moved deeper the party was attacked by what appeared to be the remains of a human, though only his skin. Uthad once again calling upon the powers of Pelor attempted to turn the creature attacking them. Not only was the creature before them harmed but from the next room they heard an angry and pained cry and a break in the hammering. Dispatching the creature at their feet the party moved to the entrance of the room containing who or whatever was hammering. The smoke was thick, so much so that they could barely see more than 5ft in front of themselves. Once again an attempt to turn the creature was made and it clearly was unhappy with the results. Engaging the creature in close combat the party found that it was some sort of dwarf, though twisted and warped by some unknown power. It now was wrapped in chains that seemed to behave more like tentacles and it poured smoke from its mouth. The fight was long and hard, but they were able to dispatch the creature and next to its anvil found another of the children, though he was close to death from choking on the smoke for so long.

Moving back to the previous room with the lift, the party was able to address the children’s needs and plot their next moves. Before continuing deeper the party wanted to be sure they had cleared out all the rooms. Moving back towards the entrance they entered a room that had not been searched yet. Unfortunately this room served as the roost for a group of stirges. Once they threat was removed the party discovered an ancient stone tablet in the foot chests of one of the foot lockers of whoever lived in this room previously.

Returning to the lift room, the party descended into a store room of sorts that had several tunnels leading out of the room. Checking a store room to the west the party came across a wounded choker. It appears that the creature had been in a fight with a small kobold party and been gravely wounded and left for dead. Knowing the threat they pose and fearful of it recovering and being another obstacle, the party quickly euthanize the creature.

Moving North-east, the party comes across a group of kobold slaves and their watchers, mining at the various rock formations in a large cavern. Engaging them in combat the kobolds are quickly overpowered. An examination of the head guard shows that once again he is deformed and hideous. Moving into a room to the south the party finds two creatures known as gricks, feasting on the remains of some unlucky kobold guards. Drawing the creatures to the mouth of the cavern, the party dispatches them one at a time. Dragging the bodies of the kobolds and the gricks further back into this room, the party decides to take a break and tend to their wounds.


  • 2675XP each
  • 1 set Mithral Plate Armor (dwarven)
  • 1 Masterwork Dwarven war axe
  • Removable crystal set into back of axe blade. Glows with the light of a torch.
  • stone tablet
  • Chronicle of the Faithful



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