Tower of Storms

Type: Ruins
Location: Buried
Population: 1?
Map: Surface Ruins
Map: Mausoleum
Region: Caer


The story goes that in generations past, the tower was key to the town’s defense, watching over the Cloak Wood to the north-west, the Witchlight Bog to the south-east, and the Ogrefist Hills farther west. Legend says a hundred-odd years ago, a legion of goblins and hill giants advanced from the Ogrefist Hills and attacked the tower, which had but one defender: a powerful elf wizard named Vanamere. No one knows exactly what happened, but when the battle was over, the giants were dead, the goblins were driven off, and Vanamere’s tower was destroyed.

For years, Ballyclare lacked the funds and the incentive to rebuild the tower. However, the growing threat of monsters prompted its reconstruction. Some months ago, Faren Markelhay, the Lord Warden of Ballyclare, hired a group of six dwarf stonemasons to rebuild the tower to the west. Nathan Faringray was assigned to protect them.

Tower of Storms

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