King Sunhammer's Decrees

This ancient tome is frail and deteriorating with age. It contains a listing of all the decrees set forth by King Karthas Sunhammer.

The listing starts out simple enough, new mines opened up, the watch is to be commended for repelling a goblin invasion, etc. About halfway through however the party discovers a point of interest. The king decrees a day of celebration as they found an ancient and massive artifact, most likely the Rune Stone. From there the decrees deal with excavation of the artifact, and to moving the throne room from one of the towers to the base of the artifact, along with much of the settlement, making it the central focus of their civilization.

The decrees continue on a way before a declaration is made that the healer’s utmost priority is finding a cure for an ailment that has made its way into the community. They refer to it as “Cave Madness”, something that apparently the miners going into the deepest parts of the mines had picked up here and there, but now it seems to have effected the community in large.

The decrees next turn to a general speech to the kingdom, asking for patience and for the dwarves to be steadfast. It mentions how the disease has “changed” some of those infected and declaring that for the good of the kingdom, those infected will be quarantined in the lower levels. He then continues on stating a cure the only thing the community should be working on and sending parties into the Underdark and onto the surface to find herbs and resources.

From there the decrees seem to get stranger, a military state is declared, small crimes and met with harsh punishments, mines are collapsed for no reason, the treasury is locked and buried, the tunnel paved over to hide it, with only a secret passage linking it to the King’s chamber.. King Sunhammer delcares that the city and its people have been abandoned by Pelor, but tells his people not to worry, a new deity has spoken to him in his dreams and offers a way to salvation. All temples to Pelor are to be closed, the quarantine is stated to be city wide, the adventuring parties are recalled, and the surface city is to be collapsed to prevent the spread of the disease, as are all tunnels to the Underdark.

Days later, a decree is made to release “our brothers and sisters” from the tunnels, and to “embrace” their gifts. Punishments that had been slowly getting more and more harsh suddenly turn to the guilty party being given to the priests of the new deity so they may make them closer to their God.

Ultimately the decrees end with Karthas dissolving the Conclave and stating that only the rule of their God matters. Everyone is to spend the majority of their time praying to the artifact, and those that refuse will be given to the clerics.

King Sunhammer's Decrees

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