Type: Capital City
Location: Swampland
Population: ~27,334
Map: Kaddastrei
Region: Caer


The grand capital of Caer, Kaddastrei sits at the southern edge of the Witchlight Bog swamplands. Due to its proximity to Tor Ulthuan, several dwarven cities, and other centers of culture, the city supports a largely mixed populations of almost all the mortal races.

When one first passes through the gates in the great walls, they see the great caravan markets. Trade caravans from the neighboring kingdoms travel to Kaddastrei to sale their wares and return with goods to their own kingdoms. Once past the caravans the city is laid out into various districts.

Important Inhabitants:

Points of Interest:

  1. Primary defensive wall
  2. City gate
  3. Secondary defensive wall
  4. Gates to the keep
  5. Civic district
  6. Elf neighborhood
  7. Embassy district
  8. High Market
  9. Lord’s Keep
  10. Apothecary district
  11. Noble estates
  12. Park district
  13. University
  14. Wealthy residential district
  15. Average residential district
  16. Coliseum/arena district
  17. Garrison
  18. Gnome neighborhood
  19. Guildhall district
  20. Halfling neighborhood
  21. Lowmarket
  22. Temple district
  23. Caravan district
  24. Inn/Tavern district
  25. Necropolis
  26. Prison district
  27. Red-light district
  28. Shantytown
  29. Trades district
  30. Slum/Tenement district
  31. Tannery district
  32. Theater district
  33. Warehouse district


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