Huln's Lode

Type: Mining Town
Location: Isolated
Population: 200
Map: Huln’s Lode
Region: Darkmoon Vale, Brünfeld


Founded just over seven years ago by a group of dwarves lead by Huln Deepiron, the village of Huln’s Lode started out as a mere mining camp. For a year the camp struggled along, coming close to failing several times until a simple vein of iron was discovered. As the dwarves dug deeper it became apparently that the vein flowed deep into the heart of the mountain and grew wider as it went. Word of the find quickly got out and the village grew as individuals traveled far and wide from across the land, hoping to strike it rich or simply to make a life for themselves in this rugged land.

Currently the town has grown to a population of around 200 people from all walks of life. Unfortunately the village is in the midst of an extremely cold winter, making times tough for those in the town and dampening spirits.

Important Inhabitants:

Points of Interest:

  1. Quarry
  2. Druid Shrine
  3. Mountainside
  4. Stone Arch
  5. Mine Manager’s Office
  6. Mine Entrance
  7. The Toilway
  8. The Heaps
  9. Warehouses
  10. Waterfall
  11. Miner’s Hovels
  12. Temple of Moradin
  13. Town Square
  14. General Store
  15. Sternfist’s Smithy
  16. The Rusty Kettle Tavern
  17. Juvaliah’s Herbal Remedies
  18. Cemetery
  19. Magistrate’s Keep
  20. Old Watch Tower
  21. Manor House
  22. Ruined Warehouses
  23. Rapids
  24. Gorge
  25. Covered Bridge
  26. Temple of Pelor

Huln's Lode

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