Dwarven Ruins Continued

Type: Ruins
Location: Buried
Population: 0
Map: Upper Section
Map: Lower Section
Region: Brünfeld


Discovered by Dyne, Niene, Uthad and Njord “The Goat” under the ruins of an old monastery. These ruins appear to be a continuation of the previously discovered Dwarven Ruins at Huln’s Lode.

Points of Interest:

  1. Entry Way
  2. Crucible of Offering
  3. Fountain Chamber
  4. Hallway
  5. Monks Quarters
  6. Hallway
  7. Lodestone Room
  8. Defaced Monument of the Sun God
  9. Chronicle of the Faithful
  10. Quarters
  11. Listening Chamber
  12. Mess Hall
  13. Lift Room
  14. Smoking Tunnels
  15. Foundry Room
  16. Kitchen
  17. Ossuary
  18. Abbattoir
  19. Chamber of Penance
  20. Refuse Pit
  21. Storage
  22. Mines
  23. Stalagmite Cave

Dwarven Ruins Continued

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