Darkmoon Vale Monastery

Type: Ruins
Location: Darkmoon Vale
Population: 0
Map: Darkmoon vale Monastery
Region: Brünfeld


Founded years ago, this monastery was founded to the worship of Fharlanghn, deity of travel and roads. They viewed life as a journey and prayed for protection and direction as they traveled the road of life.

The monks were encouraged to go “Walkabout”, a form of religious ceremony and worship where a monk would take up a journey; the destination did not matter, only the journey. This is considered a time of solemn reflection and meditation and can last from a few hours to several years.

When discovered by Dyne, Niene, and Uthad, the monastery was in a state of collapse. Having read the journal found in the monastery, it appears that the monks discovered ruins under their building and afterwards slowly went mad.

Darkmoon Vale Monastery

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