Chronicle of the Faithful

In ages past, the great enemy’s children still roamed the land in force.
They gathered up an army to fell all the goodly races.
And marched on toward our doom.

On fields of green, red and black blood ran.
Steel met flesh and bone.
And sorrow and anguish was everywhere.

Forward stepped a champion of the light.
He stuck down foes innumerable.
But the enemy still came.

As the battle waged the hero’s strength met its end.
Worn down by the hordes of darkness, there were too many to slay.
His end came in the maw of a great beast.

But lo! At the time of his passing the sun did flare mightily.
It radiated with an anger so pure and true.
The warrior died in glory to the sun and the sun would see justice done.

Light poured into the warrior’s body and it began to take on a glow of its own.
The body itself seemed to radiate until the flesh and bone could be seen no more.
Twas light in the form of man, clad in gold.

The golden warrior arose reborn.
His light blinding all but the strongest of the beasts.
And with one wave of his hand, destroyed entire legions of the foul creatures.

The beasts would not be so easily swayed and sent forth a champion.
But with no effort did the warrior smite him.
And thus the beast army broke, returning to their dark holes in the earth.

The warrior smote those slow on their heels.
But when his work finished, the sun had begun to set.
The armies of mortals turned to their savior.

With one last blinding flare, the warrior was gone.
All that remained of the champion of the sun,
Was a golden set of armor, that still held the sun.

Chronicle of the Faithful

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