Andren's Journal

The journal, authored by Andren Midsun, chronicles the daily comings and going of the monks at the monastery, from their daily rituals down to meals and various events of the day. It continually mentions various monks setting out or returning from a “Walkabout”, which appears to be some sort of simple ritual to explore the world and honor Fharlanghn.

It would seem that mid Feymarch, about three years ago, the monks began a project of expanding their cellar in order to store more provisions as the population of the monastery grew. As they dug they uncovered some sort of tunnel and decided to investigate. It appears that the tunnel lead into a series of ruins that extended fairly deep into the earth. Finding most of the ruins in very poor shape, they attempted to clear it out as best they could to cover what it was they had found.

A few weeks of entries pass as the monks continue their work and continue clearing the ruins, which are in a fairly poor state. Most of the smoothed stone walls have worn down or been broken. Andren mentions that several of the monks seem more tired of late, and a few talk about unsettling dreams or feeling as though there was someone else in their room with them but finding no one there.

The writings continue mentioning strange occurrences, individuals hearing whispers in the tunnels, headaches and cases of vertigo, and the dreams continue and in many cases grow more disturbing. The writing becomes more sporadic and sloppy, and the content of the journal indicates a slow descent into madness by the author. The author finally states that Fharlanghn himself is no longer worthy of their devotion and that most of the monks agree, however those that haven’t are to be properly dealt with.

Andren's Journal

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