Tag: Marienheim


  • Jeva

    A young girl who the party encountered at [[:elara|Elara's Halfway house]] outside of [[Marienheim]]. In reality she was a werewolf who attacked the party when they were preparing to rest for the night.

  • Edgrin Galesong

    Encounted by the party while [[The Missing Children|searching for the children]] of [[Marienheim]], Edgrin was a member of the somewhat famous adventuring party [[The Gray Eagles]]. While his group was searching for the children, they were ambushed by a …

  • Thuldrin Kreed

    An unfriendly and harsh man, Thuldrin Kreed is Gavel of the town of [[Marienheim]]. His son was one of the children [[The Missing Children|abducted by kobolds]] and rescued by the party.