Unknown Dagger

weapon (melee)

This bone dagger seems to be imbued with a strong magic, but the exact nature seems elusive. Having the dagger in one’s hand gives the owner a +2 bonus to Spellcraft.

Appearing to the simpler item to decipher, the party chose to first investigate the dagger the strange tome. After several days of staring at the dagger, it would seem that was the wrong choice. Both Niene and Dyne could tell the dagger was special in some regard, but why was just beyond their grasp. Holding the dagger made them slightly uncomfortable, hungry, and slightly agitated. Whatever power the dagger held, it didn’t seem to be a friendly one.

Ready to give up, it was a surprise then when Dyne, holding the dagger and attempting to light a candle with a simple spell, instead set half the table on fire as the spell came out much more powerful than he had expected. (Dagger provides caster with a +2 to spellcraft while in their possession). Niene seemed to believe they had found the dagger’s function, however Dyne was not so sure. Something about the dagger seemed to call to him, though what, he was unsure. Perhaps the dagger still held some unknown power, but they had spent enough time researching it, perhaps the answer would reveal itself in time.


This dagger was found amongst the remains of Ciaran Brellis. It seems to be imbued with some sort of magical power, but it is unknown what purpose it serves. The handle has several grooves and notches of unknown purpose.

Unknown Dagger

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