Black Grimoire

A tome of unknown power.


Studying the tome, Niene cast a spell giving her the ability to understand foreign scripts and languages. The early part of the grimoire appeared to be a diary of a man lost and wandering in the desert. Out of food and close to dehydration, he stumbles into a cave looking for shelter. Traveling deeper into the cavern he finds it exits into an oasis. Drinking his fill of water, he explores the oasis for hours. As he returns to the water, from a distance he spies a large creature moving near the shore. He describes the creature in few details, but indicates that its appearance shook him to the core. Running back to the cavern he makes his way out into the desert in the middle of a sand storm. When he awakes he finds himself in a bed, being tended by the village healer. They claim a caravan found him wandering in the desert, mumbling and speaking words they had never before heard before he collapsed. believing him to be sick from the sun, they brought him to the village healer.

The story ends abruptly as the pages of the tome go blank for a large number of pages before beginning again with maps of unknown lands and ancient cities. There are notes scribbled along the borders of the maps, along with random diagrams and symbols, however they seem to defy translation. The pages again go blank for several pages, picking up here and there with other diagrams and excerpts from the diary indicating the author researching dangerous books, attempting to find something to prove what he saw was not a fevered dream like the townsfolk believe. The pages fill with sketches, maps, and diagrams before going blank once more.

Again the diary picks up after a large number of blank pages. The author tells of being at home and hearing unnatural noises outside his home. Unsure what the noises are, he initially is paralyzed with fear. The author finally works up the courage to venture outside and finds his livestock slaughtered by finding strange tracks int he sand leading out into the desert again. He immediately returns to his house, locking every door and window and barricading himself inside his home. When he searches the area in the morning, the tracks are gone and the only signs of the creature are the corpses of his animals. The diary leaps forward several weeks and it appears that the creature has returned almost every night since. The author indicates that he cannot take any more and that the creature will get him soon unless he acts.

Once again the pages go blank, this time ending with diagrams of various artifacts, interspersed with varying numbers of blank pages. Again, similar script and symbols line these pages next to the drawings, however they indicate a clear meaning. One page however stands out amongst the others. A diagram of the dagger is covered with strange notes, some however appear to be more recently penned than others. The party conjectures that these secondary notes might belong to Ciaran, and indicate a ritual involving 7 sacrifices to free a powerful God. This seems to be what the party stumbled upon earlier.

The pages once again return to the strange symbols and script. Some pages seem to have a rhythm to them and Niene believes they may be a spell or ritual of some sort, but the effect or purpose is unknown. Once again a single page stands out, holding the name Nyarlathotep. The pages continue on for some way, almost seeming to be both a chronicle and a spell book.

One last time, the pages go blank before ending with a final excerpt from the diary. The author is in an ancient city, lost to the sand ages ago. He keeps lingering on how he made a mistake and should never have followed the tracks. The author asks for forgiveness from some unknown person and laments his fate. He seeks solace in the fact that it will all be over soon and that his book will be lost with him so that no one may follow in his footsteps.

The information the party is able to translate only makes up a small portion of the actual content of the book. While under the effects of the spell, Niene is able to translate some of the alien script into letters she is more familiar with, but their meaning still seems to elude her. With some research material she believes more of the book would make sense, but without finding something like a Rosetta Stone or more complete notes, the actual purpose of the tome will go unsolved.

Black Grimoire

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