A massive and disfigured toad, oozing a thick mucus.


The splash of thick liquid heralds this disgusting creature’s sloppy approach. This oozy
abomination resembles a pale, slime-slick toad, its back dripping thick mucus-like secretions as
it effortlessly hops back and forth, spattering secretions as it comes. The creature’s huge walrus-
like tusks drag along the ground.


Long ago, dwarves dragged giant forest toads beneath the earth and altered their physiology with powerful magic in hopes of creating perfect underground beasts of burden and mounts. The slurk is the disgusting result of their aborted efforts. The creature’s unappealing slime and foul-smelling reek caused the dwarves to drive them deeper below the ground, out of sight. Kobolds, on the other hand, are less selective and find the slurks to be useful pets. Slurks lair underground in damp caverns where fungus and lichens (their food of choice) grow.


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