Njord "The Goat"

This spritely young roguish character is at home precariously perched upon lofty precipices.


Rogue (Chaotic Good)

Str 14, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 12

HP: 9 – AC: 17 – Initiative: +4

Fortitude +1 – Reflex +7 – Will +1

Short Sword (4 to hit, 1d42 damage)
Dagger (4 to hit, 1d32 damage, range 10ft)
Sling (7 to hit, 1d32 damage, range 50ft)

Leather Armor

High Skills:
+13 Hide
+11 Move Silently, Tumble, Jump
+9 Balance, Climb, Open Lock, Use Rope


Njord “The goat” is a Halfling Rogue_. (Njord is Norwegian for “North” and is also the name of the Norse god of the sea.) He is called "_The Goat" because of his love for bounding along high and dangerous places. Ultimately, He’d like to become a Theif-Acrobat (Prestige class “Thief-Acrobat” from the Songs and Silence (p.18) supplement.) He will easily be able to meet all of the prerequisites at 5th level, so he’ll go the prestige route after that.

Njord is an orphan who’s cradle was found adrift at sea outside of a busy port town. The only identifying mark on him was a single glyph on his left foot which simply read “Njord” (North). This is his only clue as to who his real parents are and where they come from. He has now set out to find out where he’s from and what happened to his parents.

This is why he finds himself in this northern province. He is trying to find clues as to his parents’ whereabouts, probably staying in The Rusty Kettle until he moves on. His secondary interest is in becoming a thief-acrobat, sponsored by his adopted port town’s thieve’s guild (in which he is in good standing).

Because of his lack of roots and knack for slipping away from authority, Njord is a Chaotic Good character. He does whatever he seems is right with very little regard for the actual law (It’s just a silly set of rules, like in a game, that does not apply to him).

He speaks Common, Halfling and Dwarven (possibly due to his foster parents or friends in the thieve’s guild).

Note: Njord is known as “Njord” to some, “The Goat” to many and “geit” (Norwegian for “goat”) by others. This last moniker sometimes is changed to/misunderstood as “geist” (German for “ghost”) because of the silent and invisible quality he sometimes has.

Motivation and Goals

Anyway, what Njord truly wants (at the moment) is to keep pushing himself to do more and more daring thief-acrobat stuff (“Songs and Silence” and “Complete Adventurer” prestige class). He doesn’t care about fame or fortune (though he’ll find that once he has them, they are hard to let go), just the thrill of the next bigger challenge. He wants to be the best. Not just the best in the world, but the best ever; past, present and future.

Didja ever see Ocean’s Twelve? Did you see the scene where Fran├žois TouLour (The Night Fox) goes through the impossible, randomized, computer-improvised laser field? ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyzLHFkdv6E ) That’s what my dude strives to be. In fact, that character’s motivations are very close to my character’s ideal vision (this was unintentional, by the way).

Similarities: He views himself the best thief in the world and he does it for fun (because he’s rich (Njord is content with his riches) and doesn’t need to be a thief). He likes to stay active and is conceited (but with good cause). This drive has the capability to blind him to others’ motivations.
Differences: He’s French and all that goes with it. He dresses nicely all the time (my character likes to wear things that allow easy movement, and to blend in with the group).

This drive possibly makes him irrational about other aspects of any job. If the party ever gets to the point where they are puppet-ruling kingdoms from behind the scenes, my character will never be content without doing the wetwork.

This has the potential to change once he discovers who his parents are/were, though. A crushing discovery about them has a real potential to channel that energy, pride and hubris in a new direction. The most likely are: revenge and/or rebuilding. If his parents were stripped of their lands, property and lives by a town mob through a misunderstanding (or a master manipulator) he may reclaim his rightful title, seek revenge on the perpetrators of the lie, clear his parents’ names, and reestablish his lands. Once that is done, however, he may leave his estate in the hands of a trusted manservant (or wife and kids) while he goes about reclaiming the stolen riches (jewels, artifacts, rare magical items) that are rightly his inheritance.

Just for example. :)

Njord "The Goat"

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