XP: 18,930 (LVL 6)


The daughter of a human male and elven female, Niene was born and raised in the village of Épernay-sur-Narbonne. When she was young, her mother, realizing she would long outlive her husband, left to wander the world. Niene and her father moved to a small village on the outskirts of Altstadt, and when she came of age, Niene attended the University of Altstadt.

While attending school, her father, lonely and forlorn, decided to join a monestary in the northern provinces. Niene and her father would keep in contact via letters, but several months ago he stopped writing. Niene took what money she had, gathered up her belongings, and set out in search of the monestary based on descriptions from her father’s letters. Feeling she had come close to finding the location, she found herself in the village of Huln’s Lode. While no one in the village knew the exact location of the monastery, they used to have infrequent visits from the monks to purchase goods and send letters — however, no one had seen any of the monks for several months.

Niene has spent her time in the village looking for evidence of the location and fate of the monestary. She has earned a wage working in the two temples in the village, sorting their records and cataloguing documents.


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