King of the Kobolds


Merlokrep is a physical paragon of kobolds, and his imposing powerhouse frame belies the usual assumptions about his pathetic reptilian race. The king’s one good eye peers from his skull with a fierce aspect, smoldering with rage at the party’s intrusion. His snout has been twisted by some dark power and tentacles cover rows of hideously spiked teeth. His left arm has also been twisted into a long tentacle, however Merlokrep seems proud of these deformities, as if they bring him closer to his God.

Merlokrep’s skill at arms is unparalleled among his tribe, and he wields Manfeller in an impressive display. He’s had plenty of practice slaughtering insolent malcontents among his tribe (murdering his eighteen siblings was no mean feat either) and is eager to wet his axe in the PCs’ blood. His regal snout is pierced with a gold nose┬Ěring and his well-groomed ears are also adorned with gold studs. He wears a jeweled skull over his left eye.



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