An amalgam of goat and human, this creature has a furry chest and legs that end in hooves.


Goatfolk are powerfully built goatlike creatures that resemble satyrs. Unlike their hedonistic and mischievous fey cousins, goatfolk are much more physically focused creatures who favor a barbarian lifestyle.

Goatfolk, while peaceful, can be considered gruff or rude by some of the more civilized races. The village is lead by an elder, though many positions are chosen through contests of strength and combat, though no one is ever harmed and these fights are more good natured fun than hostile. Because of this of authority, many of the strongest lead the pack and leadership is transitory and prone to challenge. Both males and females assert themselves and hold these temporary positions of power.

These creatures call themselves Ibixians, and races that deal regularly with them use the proper name, but colloquially, they’ve been dubbed “goatfolk.”

Goatfolk are bigger than most humans and almost all satyrs, standing about 6 to 6-1/2 feet tall and weighing about 250 pounds.

Goatfolk speak Common and their own language, Ibixian.


The party encounters an Ibixian by the name of Bawdewyn while traveling and discover that his clan has gone missing. Later they find many of them have been killed and resurrected as zombie pawns of a Gnoll Warlock, the Gnolls and Ibixians having a long standing feud.


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