Huln Deepiron

Digmaster/Mayor of the village of Huln's Lode


Huln stands at an average height for a dwarf. Though no longer as trim as he once was, he is still in shape and shows no signs of living in excess. Huln has dark brown hair, though it is starting to gray around the temples and in the beard which he keeps in a tight braid. When first traveling to the dig site he wore his armor almost daily, now he is usually seen in plain leather garments with high boots.

While gruff and sometimes even abrasive in his interactions with individuals, once you prove yourself to Huln as a reliable individual, he will forever hold your name in regard and few will find a better friend.


The founder and mayor of Huln’s Lode, Huln set out from his home in the dwarven city of Karak Algaz. He has reluctantly accepted the position as mayor of the village as it became clear that someone needed to manage the every day affairs of a village the size of Huln’s Lode. Though holds the title of Dig Master, Huln feels his place is in the mines or on the battlefield with his brothers rather than filling shipping quotas and setting minor disputes between villagers.

Huln Deepiron

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