Human Sorcerer


XP: 14,380 (LVL 5)

6’, 165 lbs., black hair, striking green eyes


As a small child just things seemed to happen around Mark, or maybe it was because of him, his mother was never really sure. Whenever her son was around things would move on their own, random lights would appear and disappear, colors would change and shift, food would sometimes have drastically different tastes from bite to bite, along all other sorts of random, incomprehensible events. The events didn’t seem malicious or harmful, but there was something going on that clearly she didn’t understand.

Mark’s mother was scared, regardless of how non-threatening the events around her son were. Was he touched by one of the gods? A freak of nature? She didn’t know, or rather she didn’t want to know. He was her son, and she loved him regardless. Others however, were not as understanding.

No matter where they went, they could never stay there for long. At best, rumors would begin to swirl about herself or her “devil-child.” On at least two occasions whispers behind closed doors turned in to visits from local authorities or religious leaders. The final straw came when a lynch mob gathered to rid their town of her and her evil offspring. Luckily she had received warning from a sympathetic friend, and fled with Mark before the attackers could arrive. After that, the pair began an almost nomadic life, moving from town to town, staying on the outskirts no matter where they went.

Growing up, Mark was aware that there was a part of him that was different than everyone else he knew. It was another side to him that he had difficulty controlling. Moving objects, unexplained lights, instinctively he knew he was the cause of these events, but he didn’t know how. These things didn’t frighten him, they only made him more curious as to what was going on.

As he came of age however, he knew that things were changing inside him. His control was increasing, but the power he manifested seemed to be growing faster than the internal safeguards he put in place. The “magical part” of him was becoming more powerful by the day, and he feared what might happen if his guard dropped. This came to a head one spring day.

Mark was, as he often did, walking alone in the forest. It was there that he could concentrate on the power inside him, let it out in a controlled way, and still keep his secret. That day however, as he sat along a small brook, he was surprised by a few kids from town. It was Joshua, an older kid who enjoyed bullying anyone smaller than him, and his band of hangers-on, Samuel, Matthew, and Gregory. They snuck up on Mark, and Joshua threw a rock hitting Mark in the face. Stunned, he got up and saw the gang heading towards him.

He was conscious enough to know it would be a good time to get out of there as fast as possible. Standing up, another rock hit him in the back as he started to run. “Hey, get back here you little piece of shite!” one of them called out. Two more rocks whizzed by. A third struck him in the back of the head, and Mark fell to the ground. A moment later the bullies were on him.

“Where did you think you were going?” Joshua snarled, right before he punched Mark in the face. “I told you not to run, now I’m gonna beat the shite out of you real bad for not listening to me!” Mark was helpless. He couldn’t get away. He was trapped.

Instinctively, without any conscious thought on his part, Mark touched the tips of his thumbs together, spread his fingers apart, pointed his two hands towards his enemies, and said something in a language he didn’t understand. Mark watched in part amazement, part fascination, but overall horror as a spray of fire burst forth from his outstretched fingers. The flames seemed to envelop everything in front of him, scorching all that they touched.

When the flames from his hands stopped, everything before him was on fire. He heard his attackers screaming—whether out of surprise, fear, or maybe their clothes were on fire as well, he didn’t know. He could only think of one thing: RUN.

Mark didn’t go home…he couldn’t. Instead he began a life on the run from everything…including himself. For the next few years he was largely alone, using the survival knowledge he already knew and taught himself. He lived in constant fear of his power, and tried to suppress it at all times. He limited his contact with cities and towns, completely at first, instead relying on his learned ranger abilities to survive. As he grew older however, he began to frequent them more and more.

As the years passed, Mark began to mature, and realize that he wasn’t going to be able to run away from what was inside him forever. This uncontrolled power that lurked on the other side of his personality was too great to ignore. And so Mark ventured far off into the forest, disavowing contact with civilization of any form, and began to work.

He spent day after day learning to manifest his abilities, and to control them. He mastered first his greatest fear, the cone of fire from his hands. He learned how to summon it upon command, and the limits of how often he could cast it. Having mastered fire, he next turned to ice, until he could cause a ray of damaging cold to shoot forth from his outstretched finger. As the days turned to weeks he learned other abilities including a ray that could weaken even the strongest opponent, how to enchant any object to serve as a lamp, and to use the forces of nature themselves to perform simple menial tasks for him. He also learned how to tune in to the forces of magic that were all around him, and sense their presence.

His abilities under control, the power inside of him harnessed and obedient, Mark’s thoughts turned to other, bigger questions. Chief among them: What was he? He seemed in many ways to be a normal human being just like others on the planet, but clearly there was something about him that set him apart. Was he just a chance aberration of nature? Was he the child of a dragon, as the legends tell? Or was he something more, touched by one of the gods and endowed with special abilities? Or perhaps, was he a god himself? One thing was clear, the answers to those questions weren’t going to be found alone in the forest.

Mark decided then, that the time was right for him to return to society. When he went in to the forest he was a scared child, afraid of everything around and inside him. Now he was going to emerge a much different person. He would leave the woods, and with that leave behind his old fears, concerns, and identity. Because of this, Mark decided to take a new name, to completely leave behind his past. Mark went into the forest, but Dyne emerged from it.

Now Dyne simply wanders, searching for whatever answers he might find. If he is truly an instrument of the gods, as he believes, then fate will guide him to where he should be.


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