An amalgam of goat and human, this creature has a furry chest and legs that end in hooves.


XP: 12,500 (LVL 5)

An amalgam of goat and human, this creature has a furry chest and legs that end in hooves. Bawdewyn stands 6’8" and weighs close to 250lbs with long horns curving back from the top of his head. He speaks common, with some difficulty, and now and then his speak is permeated with a small bleat here and there. Good natured, though sometime gruff and adversarial, Bawdewyn is a loyal friend and stout fighter.


Bawdewyn, an Ibixian was raised in a small village, high in the mountains. The peaceful “Goatfolk” tend to stay mostly to themselves, but Bawdewyn was different. From birth he seemed to be more curious than most of his people. When he reached adolescence his parents went to the village elder to ask about his new habit of taking walks far from the village, exploring the country side. The elder told them that it was simply a phase that he would grow out of, but even once he reached adulthood the wanderlust still gripped at him strongly.

Considered something of an oddity in the village, he was treated as something of an outcast. In an effort to be of use to the village, Bawdewyn became a hunter and would be gone for days at a time tracking prey to bring back to the village. His people already having a strong link with nature, he found himself at home tracking through the woods in the lowlands or climbing the rocky cliff-faces high above his village.

Returning from a hunting trip lasting several days, Bawdewyn came home to find his entire village deserted. There were no signs of a struggle or any bodies, it was just as if everyone had stopped what they were doing and disappeared. Finding no sign of anyone in the caves his people use in case of emergency, Bawdewyn traveled to the low lands to see if they had gone to seek shelter with the humans. While scouting the village before approaching anyone he was captured by a farmhand and surrendered without a fight.

Blamed for a curse laid on the village and thrown in a cage, Bawdewyn was treated very poorly by the humans until a group of adventurers arrived and set him free to assist them in traveling to an ancient defense tower that had allegedly been overrun by his people. Upon arrival they found some of his people to be slain and resurrected as the undead pawns of a Gnoll Warlock who was attempting to break into a ancient adventurer’s grave. Dispatching the threat and laying the people to rest, he now travels with the adventurers in the hopes of finding out what has happened to the remainder of his people.


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