Unearthing the Past

The World So Far

Seven years ago a small party of dwarves set out from the mountain kingdom of Karak Algaz looking to discover new sources of minerals and wealth and expand their kingdom. The party, lead by Huln Deepiron settled in at the base of the Sturmberg Mountains and founded the camp of Huln’s Lode. Initially the village struggled, finding little more than worthless rock and barely enough metal to craft even a dagger. Two years passed and the camp came close to collapsing multiple times. Had it not been for the generosity of the villagers of the near by city of Marienheim the dwarves would have surely died.

Just when things looked their bleakest, one of the dwarves struck iron. As they dug deeper into the heart of the mountain it became clear that it wasn’t a small vein, in fact it was one of the richest veins the dwarves had seen. As the news got out, people migrated to the camp looking to find their fortunes or improve their lives. In the following years the camp went from a handful of dwarves to somewhere near 200 inhabitants of every walk of life, though humans and dwarves still make up the majority of the population.

Due to the friendship struck up between Huln’s Lode and Marienheim, a partnership was formed. Iron was sent via ferry from the village down to Marienheim and in return food, various goods, and payment was sent back via horse drawn cart. Several businesses sprang up in order to take proper advantage of this setup and for he last few years it has worked out pretty well.



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