Unearthing the Past

The Return to Marienheim

In total your trip through the vale lasted just over two days. On your way back you encounter a party of three woodsmen who claim they are searching for any signs of Friedrich Ravencrest and two of his companions who went into the woods to hunt, drunk. You are pretty sure the bodies you found have devoured by the Tatzlwyrm and the woodsmen confirm their identities after seeing the signet ring you collected. They seem unsurprised at his fate and comment that the woods are full of dangers and while they had warned young Ravencrest of them though he had dismissed their comments as needless caution. The group offers to lead you through the most direct route to the lumber camp, and from there you are able to get back to town. As you leave they ask you to inform Gavel Kreed of the fate of young lord Ravencrest.

You arrive in town a few hours later and find 4 freshly covered graves along with 3 newly dug ones. Going straight to Laurel’s shop you find a mini-riot being held back by the town guard. Several people are screaming about how they or their loved ones are sick, how Laurel should be giving away her her potions for free, how they do almost nothing and so forth. When the guards realize who you are, they usher you in immediately. Laurel, obviously stressed doesn’t notice you immediately. After a few moments she turns and sees you and jumps in surprise.

Gods! How long have you been standing there! It doesn’t matter, do you have the ingredients? No matter what I have tried, the best I can do is help people with the pain, but its just not good enough.

She takes the bag of ingredients you collected and inspects everything.

I am impressed, these ingredients are in exceptional condition. I will begin brewing the potion immediately. There is enough here that I could give everyone in town a dose. I am sure Kreed will be very happy to hear, his profits have apparently been through the floor with everyone sick or thinking they are sick. From what I can tell, this potion also works as something of a immunization against the Blackscour. I will make sure you each get a dose from the first batch, we don’t want you getting ill before the town can properly thank you!

Laurel immediately pulls out the largest cauldron she has and starts dumping in ingredients, shouting at the guards outside to fetch her fresh water and anything else she may not have immediately on hand.

Relieving yourselves from the shot, you head to the town hall. After announcing yourselves you wait over an hour before Kreed has time to see you. He seems unimpressed by your tale at first until you inform him of finding the body of young Ravencrest at which point his ace goes pale.

Lord Friedrich? His father is going to hold me personally responsible. Do you have proof its him? I mean it could have been anyone, maybe they just decided to stay out in the woods for a while, you know these noble types, camping for the fun of it…

You hand him the signet ring and he stares at it in his hand.

I don’t know what I am going to do. I… You said you buried him under the oldest tree in the vale? If anyone asks he was buried with full honors of state, a regal ceremony. I will have to send men out there to retrieve the bodies so they may be sent home to his father. Thank you for giving him a proper burial, I will find some means of compensating you.

You have is attention now and continue with your tale. You begin telling him of the fight with Graypelt but the disbelief is clear in his eyes, that is until Dyne unrolls the fur across the floor of his office.

There has been a reward on his head for years. Since long before I was appointed here. I will see to it that the reward is paid to you in full. Please continue

You continue on with the story and he shows concern with not only the condition of the monastery, but the mention of black mold covering everything. He calls in an aid and has him collect a number of men to go and investigate the ruins to see if it is the same mold or not. Though Laurel believes she can cure and inoculate the entire town, he is not willing to take any risks and wants to wipe out any traces of the mold.

He seems less that concerned about the witches hut, but does raise an eyebrow at the mention of an animated cauldron running rampant through the woods and says he will send word to the logging camp to keep an eye out for it. At this point he offers you free lodging in the town inn and mentions that his aid will pay you accordingly.

On your way out you are presented with a small bag by the aid, 15gp per person and another 25gp reward for finding Lord Ravencrest and killing Graypelt.

You decide to head to the inn for dinner. After your meal the assistant that paid you earlier comes in and tells you Laurel has finished her first batch and they were ready to test it out. He leads you back to the shop where several guards are keeping the crowd back, though before you are within sight of the store a sickly sweet smell almost knocks you over. It only gets worse as you enter the door, its like the smell of a dead animal rotting and sweet mash made to brew alcohol. Laurel is hovering over a cauldron, sitting at a small table to the side of the hut is a man who you would guess is somewhere in the middle of his 40s. As you stand there he hacks and coughs several times into a rag, before pulling it away. You notice that the rag is now quite bloody as well and it is clear that this individual is in the final stages of the disease. A few minutes later Laurel announces that it is ready and fills a small cup, no more than a shot glass, with the brew. She takes it over to the individual who stares at it for a few moments before drinking it in one gulp. He gags almost immediately but manages to get the foul smelling concoction down. He sits there for a full minute, seemingly unaffected, however just as he begins to ask if he should be feeling anything he starts coughing even more violently than before. His coughing fits become more and more violent, throwing him out of his chair. He struggles to stand as the guards back away from him for fear of catching he disease themselves. He manages to hoist himself on the table where his fit seems to calm for a moment. Then in one last fit he coughs up a disgusting ball of mucus, blood, and mold and collapses on the table.

Everyone in the hut seems afraid to say anything, however before anyone can react the man stirs. Slowly he manages to push himself up and inhales a deep breath, followed by an amazed expression on his face.

I… I can breath again!

They interview the man for a few minutes and he informs everyone that while his lungs burn a little bit, he is no longer having trouble breathing. After a few moments the he reports that the burning seems to have lessened a bit and while some soreness remains he feels quite better. Uthad and Dyne both use their abilities to discern his condition as best they can. Everything they know indicated that the man has rid himself of the disease and the remaining soreness will go away as his body heals.

Laurel presents each person in the hut with a small cup holding a sample of the brew and orders them to drink up, explaining that the last thing anyone needs is the Gavel, his guards, or the adventurers that brought the cure back becoming ill before they have a chance to give the cure to everyone in the town. With some hesitation, each of you brings the potion to your lips and drinks every drop. You all almost gag. It has to be one of the foulest thing you have ever tasted. The smell of rotting meat and alcohol is only multiplied in the taste. As it goes down you each feel a slight tingling in your chests, but is subsides after a few moments. Two of the men in the group start coughing and one hacks up a small lump, but other than that everyone seems to be fine.

Kreed and his men immediately begin preparing doses and handing preparing to supply the entire town while Laurel prepares to brew another batch. Having done your part everyone returns to the inn for the night, planning to spend the next day researching what you can about everything you have come across in your adventure.




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