Unearthing the Past

The Missing Children

While having an evening meal at The Sitting Duck Inn, Uthad, Dyne, and Niene noticed a crowd gathered outside and the sounds of a woman sobbing coming from somewhere in its midst. Upon investigation they found that the woman in the middle was the mother of a young boy named Mikra who had been missing all day. The woman had searched all over town for him and his friends and been unable to find any sign of them. At this point a halfling named Njord “The Goat” spoke up and indicated he had been confused for one of the children earlier in the day by one of their friends, when he investigated more the child told him the group had been dared to spend the night in the ruins of an old halfway house that some believed to be haunted. Believing he could lead the way to the ruins, the party enlisted the help of the halfling to act as a guide to the ruins.

After about an hours ride the party came across the tracks of some sort of creature. Dyne was attempted to track it but from what he could tell the tracks looped and backtracked with no purpose before disappearing in the direction of the woods. After some thought into the matter, Uthad and Niene were able to identify the tracks as those of the animated cauldron that had been set wild from Ulizmila’s Hut. Continuing on the party arrived at the burnt out ruins of the halfway house. Searching through the ruins the party found a trap door leading to the cellar of the house. In the basement lay the body of a woman that fit the description of Elara, or at least what remained of her. The corpse was badly decayed and it showed signs that the throat had been torn out by come creature. The walls of the cellar were splattered in blood and sported a pair of manacles while in the corner sat a table with two silver daggers and a bundle of badly decayed Wolfsbane. As the party investigated they managed to stir up a large spider and her brood, though were quickly able to dispatch them.

Returning to the surface the party noticed signs of a struggle between what appeared to be the children and a group of kobolds. While investigating the party heard something moving around in the bushes. Njord “The Goat” was unable to sneak up on it, but it was not long after that that a small girl named Jeva walked out of the world. The girl could not have been more than 9 years old but was covered in scars. Jeva claimed to be the only survivor of the fire and had been living in the woods since. When asked about her scars she would only say that the mistress Elara only meant to help her and that they were for her own good. Showing interest in Pelor and claiming she knew where the kobolds took the children, Jeva lead the party into the woods.

After some time had passed Dyne’s time in the wilderness lead him to believe they were being lead in circles, which Uthad and the others agreed that they felt they were not moving in the correct direction. Jeva, clearly hurt that the party would not trust her, fell to the back of the group and as the party came to the edge of the forest to gain their bearings, she managed to disappear into the woods. After a search it appeared that Jeva had run off and hidden herself in the woods fairly well.

At this point night had fallen and tracking in the dark foods would have been next to impossible. Setting up camp for the night the party set up a shift to allow individuals to keep watch over the camp site. A few hours into Uthad‘s watch a loud snarl was heard from the treeline just before a large beast lept from the woods. The creature, dispatched easily by the party turned out to be Jeva, the girl had been transformed into a werewolf and given the scars and items found in the basement of Elara’s house, it would appear the woman was trying to cure the girl of her curse, though ultimately unsuccessful in her attempts.

As morning rose the party continued on the trail of the kobolds. Along the way the party came across a group of bugbears that had killed a woodsman and were arguing over what parts each would eat. Getting a sneak attack in, the group quickly managed to overwhelm and defeat the bugbears and buried the woodsman so no other creatures could desecrate his corpse.

Continuing on through the woods the party followed the trail back to the monastery they discovered previously. It appeared that the kobolds drug the children through the small passage found in the cellar. Njord “The Goat” moved in to scout the tunnel out as it was easier for him to move through it. After about 20ft the tunnel opened into a ruined tunnel that showed signs that it once was a carved hallway, but over time had collapsed and became little more than a collapsed cave. The passage way winded down some ways until it wrapped around and led to a staircase that was in much better condition than the rest of the hallway.

The staircase opened into a large entry room whose domed ceiling sported a carving with the sun with its rays streaming down the walls. In the center of the room was a obsidian obelisk which, on closer inspection, was being mined by a group of kobolds to be taken deeper into their lairs. Quickly dispatching the group, the party moved east into what appears to have once been a room for smelting ores but now served a sinister purpose in some sort of ritual. The stench of boiling flesh, bone, blood, and hair drew the interest of a carrion crawler which took particular interest in Njord “The Goat” as he would make an easy dinner. Dispatching the creature, the party moved north until they came to a circular room with a large obelisk in the center and doors at each of the major cardinal directions. After some investigation the party surmised the room was a sort of trap and found the only path through the room where they could move without activating it. While passing the west and north doors however the party paused to listen and heard the sound of wet leather slapping against its self.

The party moved east out of the room and continued down a hallway that lead to the north before turning west into a room. On the floor lay they corpse of one of the monks from the monastery above, torn into two pieces. As they approached, the upper torso began moving and attacked the party. It appeared as though the corpse had been flayed open and a large pulsing cyst sat in its center. Once the creature lay dead the party discovered a secret door that lead into another chamber that allowed anyone in the room to listen to anything in the rest of the complex. While little could be heard in most rooms they did find a map of the ruins and hear what sounded like a battle between a group of kobolds and at least one of the children.

Using the map to find the most direct route, the party moved south into a room that held two large obsidian tablets that appeared to be a litany for Pelor. Continuing the party passed into a room that once again had a sun emblem carved into the ceiling, however in the center of this room stood a grand statue that appears to have been built in honor of Pelor, surrounded by a large number of kneeing dwarven sculptures, with his hand held high as if holding a sphere of some sort, however both the sphere and the head of the sculpture had long been removed. The next room they entered was covered in a thin veil of mist, possibly coming from the fountain in the center of the room, however rather than spring water the fountain flowed with a thick syrupy ooze. As the party moved through the room, the ooze began to flow out of the fountain base and move toward them. Being pressed for time the party hurried past and continued onto the location of the fight between the kobolds and children.

When they arrived they found a group of 7 kobolds being held back by one of the children, a young half-elven girl named Kimi, and a portly halfling bard who later introduced himself as Edgrin Galesong, a member of a local group of adventurers called the Gray Eagles. His party had heard of the ruins discovered by the party near Huln’s Lode and had gone to explore them. While deeper in the system of caves and ruins the party stumbled across the lair of a tribe of kobolds and all but Edgrin and his friend Tyran had been slain. When the children had been thrown in the cages with them they had done everything they could to help them escape however Tyran and one of the children had been shot with a crossbow bolt that seemed to put them to sleep and were retaken prisoner. As they made their way toward the surface another of the children was taken by a creature living in a ruined cave that connected the lower and upper levels. The remainder had made it to the room the party had found them in, however the kobolds ambushed them there. Kimi and Edgrin Galesong had managed to hold the kobolds back while the other 2 children made an attempt at escape, but had only been able to run deeper into the ruins.

Investigating the kobolds they fought before, they had little of value on them, though the party did notice that the kobold leader’s face was warped and twisted in an unnatural fashion. Being in need of rest and healing needs, the party fortified themselves in what appears to have been a small kitchen attached to the side of the larger room they were in before. In the process they uncovered two vials of an unidentifiable liquid. Deciding to rest for a short time and then continue the search for the children, the party set up a small rotation to keep a look out for any hostile creatures in the area.


  • 1988XP each
  • 2 Silver daggers
  • 2 vials of unknown liquid



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