Unearthing the Past

Sweet Dreams (Whispers)

Dyne is exhausted. It has been a couple of days since returning with the kids and in that time he and the others have been helping the townsfolk learn to better defend themselves. Dyne in particular have been helping them learn what herbs can be found outside the village and in the woods; what can be used for food, what is poisonous, what can be used to treat a wound, and what can cure a cold.

As soon as Dyne’s head hits the pillow he are out like a light. Normally he doesn’t remember his dreams, those that he remembers tend to be pretty simple; A small cottage near the woods, the life of a farmer, him leading a gang of brigands from his forest village to right the wrongs of a local noble while the king is away, and that weird one with the dragon. This one is different though. He is sitting on a throne in a deep cavern. In front of him are thousands of subjects, but when he tries to focus on their faces they are distorted, twisted and disturbing. The whole time he hears a buzzing. Gradually it grows into a whisper.

Release me.

He looks around but noone seems to be speaking.

Release me.

Still he can’t tell where the voice is coming from.

Release me.

As the whisper gets louder he realizes its coming from behind him. Dyne slowly turn around and find he is at the base of a massive obelisk that reaches up into the cavern. Golden pathways encircle it and connect to the cavern walls and on its surface are a series of runes that are foreign, yet he knows he have seen them before. In that instant he realizes he is standing at the base of the obelisk the party encountered in the ruins. They had battled the kobolds on one of the top rings, but the throne he currently resides on seems to be at its base. He peers at the runes on its surface, trying to etch them into your mind when the whispers return.


Dyne wakes in a cold sweat. His head is pounding and his entire body aches. Looking out the window, Dyne sees that the sun is already halfway into the sky. He quickly cleans himself up and prepares for today’s lessons with the villagers.



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