Unearthing the Past

Sweet Dreams (Fields of Gold)

It’s been several days since the party’s return with the children. In that time Uthad has worked with the villagers, training them as best he can to help them better defend themselves. He have been teaching them what he knows of Pelor and training them in more martial aspects. At the end of the day Uthad collapses in his bed, exhausted, and it doesn’t take long before sleep finds him.

Almost as soon as he closes his eyes, Uthad feels a bright light on his face. Instead of being harsh and annoying, the light is instead warm and invigorating. Uthad basks in its glow for a moment longer before opening his eyes. He is surprised to find that he is no longer in his bed but instead in a field of golden wheat. The sun shines brightly across the land and in the distance he can see more farmland, orchards, and many vineyards. He continues to take in the view and as he turns to where the sun glows it appears that the sun sits atop a massive tower at the top of a great golden citadel.

In an instant you Uthad can feel himself being pulled down, far beneath the ground. He finds himself standing in a great cavern beneath the earth and though he are surrounded in darkness he can still feel the light of the sun upon him. Before Uthad stands a massive obelisk and in front of it he sees a large stone throne. As he gazes upon the obelisk Uthad realizes it is the same obelisk the party defeated the kobolds near, but this time rather than being on a platform near the top, he stands at its base. Suddendly Uthad is overcome with a cold and dark feeling. Its twisted and disturbing, and just looking at it makes him feel ill. His gaze falls to the base again and now he sees a cloaked figure chanting at the base of the obelisk. The words he is speaking are garbled and their true meaning never reaches his ears, but Uthad can tell they are words that should not be spoken. Again his gaze is drawn down, to the ground in front of the throne where he see a mace. Suddenly Uthad realizes the chanting has stopped and as he looks up, the figure is now looking right at him. It raises a hand in his direction and Uthad instantly feels weak. He begins to collapse, but again the warmth of the sun reaches out and revitalizes him. The glow gets stronger and stronger until he can no longer see the cavern, only the light.

Uthad closes his eyes once more to take in the warmth of the sun, and as the last of it recedes he opens his eyes to find himself lying in bed feeling more rested than he has in weeks.



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