Unearthing the Past

Moving On With Life

The next two days pass as the party recuperates in town while helping to teach the townsfolk to defend themselves. Frequently found at The Sitting Duck Inn, Edgrin Galesong spends most of his time playing slow and melancholy tunes on his lute. At dinner he opens up to the party now and then, recounting specifics of his adventuring party’s time in the ruins and then telling a short story of a humorous event that happened to a party member before realizing they are now gone and returning to a solemn state. During this time, Njord “The Goat”, more than anyone, appears to provide the most solace to Edgrin Galesong and the two seem to bond over shared stories of lost friends and past victories.

One morning over breakfast, Edgrin Galesong thanks the party for all they have done and mentions that he and Njord “The Goat” have discussed in length what life holds in store for each of them and that there is little left for him in Marienheim. He then announces that on the following day, when the next caravan departs for Stotzingen, he and Njord “The Goat” will be accompanying them.



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