Unearthing the Past

Missing Food Shipment

Sometime mid morning, Huln Deepiron made a request of the patrons of The Rusty Kettle Inn. The latest shipment of food to the village from Marienheim was well over due and no word had returned from the boys that had been sent out to retrieve the cart and lead it back to town. Huln asked for a group of volunteers to venture out down the road and find out what had happened to the food and return with it, as the town was in the midst of a heavy winter had the food was desperately needed.

Dyne, Uthad, and Niene volunteered their services and set out down the road a short time later. Having only traveled a few miles the party crested a small hill and heard yapping, almost barking noises on the other side of the hill. As they moved closer the party saw a small massacre with several small, lizard like creatures searching through the cart and struggling with the remaining horse. Thanks to Dyne’s knowledge of the region and creatures of the wild, the party was able to tell that a small gang of kobolds had ambushed the traders on the way to the village.

The party quickly dispatched the kobolds, even managing to take one prisoner that had become entangled in the horses reigns. A quick survey of the site showed that only half the caravan was accounted for and less than half the food was in the wagon. A clear set of tracks lead to the south-east through the snow. The party lead the wagon and their kobold prisoner, now bound, back to the village and handed ownership over to Thorin Anvilmar who sent them back out with the promise of sending others to come after them as soon as they were free.

The party returned to the location of the massacre and set up camp near by for the night. When morning broke, they followed a set of clearly defined tracks a ways and found a set of rocky outcroppings with a small cave. Niene managed to see a pair of beady eyes staring out at her from the cave entrance. Ingeniously, she pulled out her spell book and using the divine power detailed within, was able to infuse a small stone with the power of the sun, illuminating anything around it. Throwing it deep into the cave a pair of kobolds who were waiting to ambush the party turned and were entranced by the glowing stone, giving Uthad ample time to close the distance and dispatch them.

Moving deeper into the cavern, the tunnel abruptly ended at a large stone door which gave entry way to ancient Ruins. At the entry way the both Uthad and Niene noted a carving of the ancient symbol of Pelor. As they moved into the room carefully they discovered a small group of Kobolds dining on the remains of the other horse from the caravan. Using surprise and strength, the party burst out slay two of the four kobolds while Dyne dashed to the door leading deeper into the caves and slammed it closed before another larger kobold was able to join the fight. The warrior kobold managed to get the door back open, but not before the others had been slain and the party was waiting for him.

A cursory glance at everything in the room made it clear that at one time it had been used as a staging room for excursions deeper into the ruins. The kobolds had discovered this room and added to it from what they stole from traders along the road. The party discovered a good deal of various items used for digging and excavating as well, though some of the food from the cart was still missing.

Moving deeper into the ruins, they came across a door marked Mausoleum that had been barricaded by the kobolds. Not wanting to risk unnecessary danger at the moment the party left the room be and moved further down the hall where they found a shaft with a ingenious lift designed to ferry people between the multiple floors. Making a quick stop on the 2nd floor, it was clear that the kobolds did not frequent this floor and had not been there for some time. The only room that was accessible had almost collapsed in on itself with rubble strewn about.

Continuing on the party moved to the bottom floor and were greeted by an ambush of six kobolds, one armed with a small crossbow who fired and missed as soon as their feet were visible. One of the kobolds let out a screech, calling out the name “Graal” before being locked in combat. The party fought valiantly and Dyne surprisingly burst out bouts of flame and lines of frost during combat. As one of the kobolds fled, their leader was seen making his way to the fight. Niene chased after the last kobold, just missing him as he fled, however the kobold leader kicked him in the face as he lay prone before his master. The leader attacked Niene with a clawed club, knocking her unconscious. Seeing this Dyne used the inherent powers of The Weave and blasted the creature with a crippling strike, sapping him of his strength. Unable to hold his up club, he struck at Uthad with his poisoned claws, scratching him deeply but Uthad was able to overcome its effects with little more than a burning sensation in his wounds.

In the final room the party discovered a ingenious puzzle, that when solved would give access deeper into the ruins. While looking for a means of solving the puzzle, the dwarves Thorin promised to send after them. The dwarves quickly discovered that it was an ancient dwarven puzzle that required water to be poured in the center of the room, which would then drain away and unlock catches hidden in the floor and open up the passage.

Deciding to return to town for the time being, the party returned to the 2nd floor to ensure nothing was left uncovered. While searching the room, one of the dwarves was attacked by a creature later identified as a Choker. The creature rendered one of the dwarves unconscious in short time, but was quickly cut down and the party continued on their way. On the way out of the ruins, they noticed a small group of dwarves pointing at the mausoleum door and whispering amongst themselves, but were quickly lead outside and escorted back to town as brave warriors returning to battle.


  • 850XP each
  • Kobolds
    • 3 Small Light Crossbows
    • Small Dagger
    • 1G, 30S
    • 2 Unidentified Gems
  • Supply Room
    • 60 Standard Crossbow Bolts
    • 2 Small Hammers
    • 2 Lanterns, no glass (1/2 standard price)
    • 4 Flasks Lantern Oil
    • 3 Broken suits of Dwarven Scalemail (can be repaired into 1 suit, or sold at 1/3rd normal value each)
  • Kobold Leader


  • More to come later on what happened since return to the village.



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