Unearthing the Past

An Investigation Begins

Reading through Findal’s Journal, which the cataloged a long term investigation into a series of murders that had plagued the city for some time, the party decides to pickup where Findal had left off.

The journal had mentioned a young street urchin living near the slums that was being used as an informant and that had possibly seen the murderer with his last victim. The party uses the information in the journal to track him down and while he is leading them to somewhere they can speak without fear of being overheard they are attacked by an individual who turns out to be Findal’s assistant, Raekk. After a tense encounter, the two parties reach an understanding and Raekk decides to join the party in their investigation into the murders.

The urchin described seeing an individual who didn’t seem to belong in the slums. While he wore the clothes of a common street thug, he held himself with the posture of someone of higher station and was “too clean”. Having see the individual go into the bar, he watched and followed him leave later in the evening with a woman who seemed smitten with him. They weaved through back alleys until the suspect likely caught on they were being followed and darted down an alley, losing their tail. Moments later the urchin heard a scream and running to where the sound came from he found a crowd around the body of the girl he had been following, her throat torn out.

The party investigated the the location of the murder and found a damaged symbol of Pelor that appeared to have been thrown away, but little else. They struck upon a plan to use Niene as bait, having her pose as a bar patron while the other keep an eye on her. Late into the evening a young man matching the description given by the urchin enters the bar and approaches Niene. While talking to him she suddenly found herself enraptured and willing to do whatever he says. He leads her out the bar and the rest of the party stealthily falls in behind. As he drags her back and forth, weaving in an out of the alley ways, the party follows. At some point he notices them and back tracks until Raekk casts a web spell, trapping Niene against a wall and slowing the suspect. When Uthad and Raekk corner him, he begins to fight them with his bare hands, causing a decent amount of damage. At some point Niene frees herself and manages to burn the suspect with a spell, unfortunately killing him. Upon his death, his body disintegrates, leaving them with just his possessions to investigate.

On the body they find a few rings. Taking them to the jeweler’s they had visited before they found that one of the rings had been a custom order for two individuals, one a minor lord named Perinold. Deciding to stake out his home and see if he was the individual they killed, they see a courier show up and deliver something to a servant who mentions to the courier that the lord did not come home last night and hasn’t been seen today, though he doesn’t seem very concerned. When the servant leaves Raekk suggests breaking into the home through a side door and seeing what is in that package. Sneaking in, Raekk collects the fine silverware from the home. Moving further in he finds the package next to the front door. Opening it, it contains a small chest which they decide to open later but leave behind another package wrapped up to appears as though nothing is missing.

When they get home Raekk takes a few hours to open the lock and discovers it contains a small jar filled with blood, a large and ornate key, a note containing “Row 12, Column 2”, and a very familiar arcane gem. The gem was identical to another Arcane Gem recovered from a gnoll warlock on their journey to Caer. After some study, the gems are identified to be linked and are some sort of communication device. Soon after the party hears odd noises outside and when they go to investigate they find that a dense mist blocks all vision outside the apartment. Soon after a swarm of ghouls and ghasts attack. Niene consecrates the apartment and as the battle rages, Uthad throws up a circle of protection from evil, creating a bubble the undead can’t enter but they can attack from inside of. More undead enter the apartment and Niene finds herself trapped in the garden of the apartment, paralyzed by a bite from a ghoul. Suddenly a fire errupts at the side of the house, launched by an unseen assailant, possibly one controlling the undead attacking them. As the fire begins to spread, the party wipes out the rest of the undead. Before the fire can engulf the entire apartment, Uthad gathers up his gear and hoists Niene to her feet, letting them grab their gear and escape the blaze.

Breaking out into the streets, they make a break for it, not bothering to figure out who their attackers are, and head straight to the Church of Pelor, seeking sanctuary.




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