Unearthing the Past

A Grand Ball

The next morning, Uthad was approached by a member of the town guard. Both he and Niene were asked to accompany them to the city barracks to talk to the guard captain. After arriving, they were temporarily placed in a cell with Bastion and Illaria, two individuals who had been arrested at the site of the burning building the party had occupied the night before.

The guard captain, Mathúin, interrogated the group and their involvement in a fight and possible arson. The group had been spotted in the area fighting with others, but no bodies were recovered and noone was reported coming into the temples for healing. The party indiccates an issue with undead in the city, but the captain behaves as though he doesn’t believe them. His show doesn’t convince the party and they can tell he knows more than he is indicating.

Without any proof of their involvement, the captain doesn’t have anything to hold them on, but warns them not to leave town until his investigation is over and not to get into any more trouble.

The party left the barracks and decided to investigate the items they acquired from Lord Perinold’s home the previous day. Niene remembers there is a large bank in the heart of the city with lockbox storage. The group goes in with Illaria posing as a noble and the others as her guards and assistant. Retrieving the lockbox they find an ornate mask meant to celebrate the inauguration of the first Queen of Kaddastrei.

The party strikes up a plan where Bastion will pose as Lord Perinold while Illaria will pose as his date. Uthad and Niene will get jobs as the wait staff and sneak in their weapons and hide them under the bar. While preparing for the party, Niene notices a special delivery of wine to the bartender at the far end of the room.

It takes some time for the party to get going, but once it does there are dozens of couples milling about, ordering drinks, conversing, and danving. When Bastion and Illaria enter, the group notices two individuals react oddly. Through out the evening Bastion is able to identify a number of individuals that are undead.

Halfway through the evening Queen Éilís makes an appearance. Not staying long, she speaks with several nobles, including Illaria. Bastion scans her with his ability to sense health and finds she is extremely healthy, if not the healthiest person he has ever seen. The queen’s stay isn’t long however and soon she departs to return to the castle.

Its not long before Bastion and Illaria are approached by two individuals earlier identified as the undead. Combat ensues and the party dispatches a number of vampires and their mortal thralls. A number of nobility and wait staff were neither vampire, nor thrall, remained in the room, unable to escape. Illaria and Niene attempt to calm them down, while Bastion and Uthad interrogate two individuals that were in league with the vampires.

One individual was a noble who walked in on a murder scene, the next thing he knew he was being compelled to do errands for the lord of the manor where the party was being held. He would deliver messages to dead drop locations, and act on behalf of the lord, he knew little more than that. The other individual however knew a great deal more. He was a kitra, an individual who served the vampires in hopes of becoming one himself. Each kitra is tattooed at the base of their neck to indicate their master, in the same way cattle are branded. He would say little, but indicated that while they killed a number of vampire nobility tonight, the the Cult of the Dead goes much deeper than they think.

When asked about the relationship between the vampires and the nation of Tor Ulthuan, he indicated there was no formal agreement, however Ulthuani elves are opportunists and will make deals that benefit them the most. Currently the cult is trafficking mortals in and out of the country, mostly as livestock, but some as slaves to the Ulthuani. There are several caravans that come and go from the city that are involved in the trade.

Having exhausted all the information from him, the party decides to let him go, but not before Bastion burns a magical message into his forehead warning his masters that they are coming.



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